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Sojo Title is affiliated with the law office of Reisenfeld & Associates LPA, LLC. Founded in 1960 by Sylvan P. Reisenfeld, Reisenfeld and Associates is a full-service creditors’ rights law firm offering end­-to-end legal representation to the mortgage banking and default servicing industries. Reisenfeld and Associates prides itself on providing unparalleled representation in all counties and federal districts in the states of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia.

Reisenfeld & Associates provides a comprehensive legal package of default services including bankruptcy, foreclosure, title, litigation, REO disposition, loss mitigation and eviction.

Sojo Title maintains close contact with each underwriter and utilizes our in-
house counsel, allowing for quick resolution/answers to title issues that arise.

Many people buy homes without a lawyer and without trouble. But there are many possible pitfalls, and can be much more complicated and expensive to fix after the fact. Here are some questions you should ask yourself when preparing for a closing:

  1. Do you understand the terms of your residential transaction?
  2. Will you be on the hook if the deal falls through?
  3. Is the other party playing by the rules?

These are all questions that you should feel comfortable answering or have
answered for you prior to the closing. It’s a good idea to consult a lawyer for
any residential transaction. But in particular, you may need an attorney’s advice or representation for the following typed of transactions:

  • Sales contingent on the buyer selling an existing home
  • FSBO (for sale by owner) transactions
  • Buying a home by contract for deed (or cancelling the contract)
  • Buying a short sale or bank-owned property
  • Buying a rental property, such as a duplex
  • Contracting with a home builder for new construction
  • Selling or renting a townhouse or condo unit (homeowners associations)
  • Recovering earnest money or down payments
  • Title search and title insurance
  • Seller disclosures required by law

For more information on the law office of Reisenfeld & Associates, please visit:

Cincinnati Office 3962 Red Bank Road
Cincinnati, OH 45227